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Holistic Therapies of Northeast Ohio offers physical, emotional and spiritual modalities in order to promote healing and wellness at the core level. Our clients have had success with effective injury recovery from illness, stress management, smoking cessation, weight release, and managing depression and anxiety.    
Mixed methods of massage (Relaxation, Swedish, Deep Tissue) combined with energy therapies to strengthen, nourish and heal the neuro-muscular system, detoxify the cells and tissues, increase lymph flow and reduce stress. Please allow 2 hours for first session which includes a consultation. Average session is 75-90 minutes.  $50 

Other types of massage available include;
Medical Massage, Hot Stone Massage, Relaxation Massage, Energetic Massage, and for neck, shoulders and back.

Call   Robert Cisko, LMT (330) 802-0493 to schedule 

Integrated Energy Therapy®
Practitioner uses angelic assistance and the laying on of hands to release old patterns, belief systems and negative emotions that no longer serve the client's best interests. Releases take place at a soul level, helping to release old emotions trapped in the body on a cellular level, allowing the client to move forward in life in a positive way. All session include any messages given by the healing angels of the energy field. A session is approximately an hour. $50                                                             
          Call Vicky to Schedule (330) 802-3229
Hypnosis is a naturally occurring state of mind that people regularly experience during everyday life. It is 100% effective for those who want it to work. It can be used for anything that involves putting your mind to achieving a goal. We personalize hypnosis sessions for problem specific issues. Some examples include releasing phobias, , weight release, insomnia and enhancing spirituality.  NOW DOING PARTS THERAPY, (to resolve issues when one part of you want to change and another part of you is resistant), CHARKA CORDING ( helping you to strengthen the loving parts of your relationships while releasing or dissolving unsupportive parts which are holding you back in life).Sessions are $60 or 3 for $150 if paid in full at time of first session.

Call Vicky   (330) 802-3229

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